10 things you should never leave behind before traveling

There are lots of pre-trip planning steps to take before a trip, That you should never forget about them, here is a list of the things you should not forget!

dont forget!


Travel Insurance – People dont pay attention to this aspect but i think it is the most important thing to keep in mind and handy in every trip accidents can always happen anywhere... 


Money – Check that you don´t leave behind the money you are going to use in your trip.


Visas and Passport – check if all your documents are okay before traveling!


Secure your documents in a safe place – credit cards numbers, Passport Photos, etc..


Pack your carry on – dont forget your devices chargers and some medicines


Pack appropriately your luggage – Dont forget to label each bag. Put your name, address and phone number both inside and outside your luggage


Call the bank – If you are traveling far away let the bank know so you dont get your card suspended.


Load up your tablet – especially in long flights, so you have a lot of entretainment


Pay off your bills before you leave – You definitely don't want to be responsible for any late fees.


 Check your flight time before going to bed, you dont want to miss your flight!