The bachelorette party destinations in America

If you're looking for a destination for a bachelor or bachelorette party, it can be hard to choose  what place to go, Here are some fun, lively, and different places in america to consider for your bachelorette weekend!

1. Las Vegas, USA – Las Vegas is one of the most expensive destinations in the United States to go for a bachelorette party but its a cliche, so go ahead if you like it! 

2. Miami, USA – Consider Miami if you're looking for a weekend filled of good partying and good restaurants, also its an amazing place to chill at the beach! you can see my travel guide to see where to stay? where to eat and drink? and places to visit!

3. Tulum, Mexico –  This is an amazing place to visit , it´s worth considering for your bachelorette party. In Tulum, you have more than just the beach, you will find amazing restaurants, luxury hotel and many cool bars! Tulum is considered an expensive place but its worth the money!

4. New York City, USA – This a very good place to visit There is  so much to do and see in the City That Never Sleeps, Make sure you plan ahead all the things you want to do, so you dont miss anything!

5. Cabo san Lucas, Mexico – This is a great place to visit, you can do so many things apart from just clubbing! and its not a very expensive option! 

6. Punta Del Este, Uruguay –  This place is expensive as well but it is a nice place to party, a good month to go will be in the summer time, because the best clubs are beach clubs!

7. Los Angeles, USA –  To do L.A. right, you need to stay in the neighborhood so you dont waste alot of time in the traffic jams.

where would you like to go?