Flying with Emirates

Flying with Emirates from Houston to Dubai and India. It doesn't get better than this! This airline is a complete experience.

Emirates currently operate services to 100 destinations in 62 countries around the world and the network and they are expanding constantly, Emirates is very careful with all the details, in economy and buisness, on the flight from Houston to Dubai i was in economy class and it was perfect and from Dubai to India i was on Buisness and it was also amazing!

My Personal experience in Emirates

In my experience i can say that emirates is one of the best airlines companies, they make sure and pay attention to everything, the food is delicious, all the meals are prepared by international chefs, it does not taste at all like plane food and the cabin crew they are very nice too, always with  smile and available to help you with whatever  you need, I think this is one of the more important things that makes the difference because the cabin crew makes your flight comfortable, (and the best part i love the emirates uniforms, all the cabin crew specially the women look so elegant) .


The planes that i traveled, I dont really know if they are new or old but they look like if they have never been used before everything is super clean from the seats to the toilets. In buisness class emirates offers you a personal bag with a very nice Travel Kit and in economy you could also ask for a simple bag!


Other important thing about Emirates is the space they provide more comfort to passengers in economy class. And they offer an amazing entertainment system, Emirates has been the winner in this category for more than 10 consecutive years, they offer so many things that it is imposible to get bored.

Some of the amazing things Emirates offer that some people dont know are:

  1. 'Best Price Policy' - If you find a lower Emirates Economy Class fare for the same itinerary on another website with the same flight at least $5.00 cheaper, Emirates will refund the difference.

  2. When you travel, you have 30 kg baggage allowance

  3. Travel beyond the Emirates network - If you are flying to selected cities that Emirates do not serve, you can book your entire flight itinerary on with the guarantee that your entire journey will be guaranteed - meaning one delayed flight won't derail your journey.

I hope one day in the future to be able to fly in with Emirates first class and show you how amazing that must be! This is one of my favorite airlines!