Santiago, Chile

The ultimate guide to travel to Santiago, Chile.


1. Bellavista

Bellavista neighborhood are graffiti-lined streets with cafes, art galleries and boutique shops.

2. Metropolitan Cathedral

The western edge of the Plaza de Armas, this neoclassical cathedral has a history that stretches back to 1541.

3. St. Christopher Hill

Cerro San Cristóbal, stands nearly 3,000 feet above the rest of Metropolitan Park. You have Amazing Panoramic views of Santiago from the hill and on top of Cerro San Cristobal is the white statue of the Virgin Mary, the Virgen de la Inmaculada Conception.

4. Museum of Memory and Human Rights – Avenida Matucana 501, Santiago, Chile

The museum catalogues Pinochet's 17-year rule, which resulted in the torture, murder and disappearance of thousands of Chileans

5. Plaza de Armas

Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia established this historic square back in 1541.

6. Wineries

Wine producers knowed for their flavorful reds, especially cabernet sauvignon, they can be found within an hour's drive of central Santiago. The most famous wineries are called Concha y Toro

7. Central market – Ismael Valdés Vergara 900, Forest Park, Santiago, Chile

Visit the Mercado Central to experience the flavors and tradition of Santiago. Here, you'll find a festive atmosphere and top-grade fish. Even if you're not a fan of seafood, the Central Market is worth a visit

8. The Fashion Museum

(Museo de la Moda) opened its doors in 2007, it attracted the "glitterati" with its array of famous garments. Among the 10,000 pieces on display are Madonna's "cone bra," John Lennon's military jacket and a strapless gown once worn by Princess Diana.


Breakfast and Brunch

  • Daniel´s Bakery and Café –

  • El taller –

Lunch / Dinner

  • Bocanariz – José Victorino Lastarria 276.

  • Chipelibre – Jose Victorino Lastarria 282.


  • Barrica 94 – wine bar in the Bellavista neighborhood

  • Bar Liguria – After the end of the Pinochet dictatorship in 1990, Liguria was the first bar to open its doors.


  • Costanera Center

  • Alto Las Condes

  • Parque Arauco

  • Portal La Dehesa

  • Streets of Avenida Vitacura, Alonso de Cordova and Nueva Costanera, are upscale shops.


  • Pueblito Los Dominicos

  • Centro Artesanal Santa Lucia


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