Ushuaia, Tierra de Fuego

Its the southern most city in the world, its located of the Agentine-Chilean border. this city on the coast of Tierra del Fuego, nestled between the mountains in the north and the waters in the south, is a vibrant and thriving capital.

Best time to visit

Ushuaia is a favorite winter and summer getaway from many people from all over the world. Autuum or spring are the best dates to visit this place, July is the coldest month temperatures drop down to 30°F, If you are planning to go on june to august make sure you come prepared for the cold.


  • Cerro Martial – Take a chairlift up the first section of the trail if want to cut out some of the uphill, or there is a road for hiking as well. From the top you have fabulous views of all Ushuaia.

  • Tierra de fuego, National Park – the southernmost national park in the world. This huge area in the Argentine side of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago is famous for its dramatically beautiful scenes of nature.

  • Beagle Channel – glaciers and many islands that host thousands of wildlife, from local birds to seals and penguins, a route for travelling orca families.

  • Penguin Rookery – Go and see the pinguins

  • The Maritime Museum of Ushuaia – Opened in the 19th century, it was a place for prisoners shipped from Buenos Aires. Now a days its a history museum of nautical exploration, shipwrecks and adventure.


  • La Mesita de Almanza

  • Kalma Resto

  • Altos Restó

  • Kaupé

You can travel as well to punta arenas, the most historic trade rorutes n the world, and it is easy to get there from Ushuaia