The Best Carry-On Luggage, weekend Bags and Travel luggage

Now a days we have so many luggage options, than when it comes to choosing the right one, it can be a challenge.


I think the lugagge taste it depends on every person taste and style, but there are some considerations that sould be taken before buying your travel bags. Here is a list of my favorite options when it comes to traveling!

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  • Longchamp – I love this weekend bags, they are very comfortable and they offer a good size to carry them, refined design with a zipper closure, it keeps all of your personal belongings protected and can even be folded up when it’s not being used. , My favorite is "Le Pliagle Travel Bag XL", This is a good option also to carry one in your big luggage just in case you overpack in one trip! you have many different colors and you can find them at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Amazon or in and it cost ($160.00) 

  • TUMI Just in Case Travel Duffel ($95) – A packable nylon tote from Tumi. An exterior panel allows the bag to slip onto a suitcase handle. I fly all the time with this bag its a very good option to have, this one is similar to the long champ. 

  • Bottega Veneta Medium Duffel Bag – If you have the bugdet for this bag go for it, this is an amazing bag, very stylish and Bottega has a very durable leather. To buy it you can find it in :, ($3,870)”



  • Desley Luggage – This is one of my favorite brands, Desley has hard bags but with a different style their main compartment is same to a soft side luggage configuration. These bags offer excellent durability and good prices! You can get them at Bloomingdales, Marshall´s and Amazon. 

  • Samsonite –  One of the best-known luggage brands, It has so many options to choose, from hardside to softside and they are very light to carry them. Samsonite products offer durability, style, and value.  You can buy them at Amazon,s , Macy's or at

  • Tumi – This is a more expensive brand as well but if you have the budget go for it, Tumi offers quality, durability, style, innovation, and customer service, and also you can monnogram your bag in the store for free. I totally love this brand it has so many styles to fit everyone needs, and you can buy them at Tumi stores and if you want to find the cheaper you can get them at Tumi Outlet or in Nordstrom Rack sometimes there are a few options! 

  • Rimowa If you have a higher budget this is an amazing bag to buy, it is very light and very stylish you should totally try it!  The company is known in its lightweight and durable materials. You can Find Rimowa at Rimowa stores or online in, Bloomigdales and Neiman Marcus. 


  • CALPAK Torrino Expandable Hardside Carry-On ($95) – Calpak makes the perfect carry on piece for those looking for attractive hard shelled luggage options at an affordable prices! You can buy it at or at Nordstrom!

  • Away Minimalist luggage These Carry on is very minimalist and it comes with lots of handy features like: an interior compression system, build in lock,  built-in battery for charging your USB devices outside the bag ,  and last but not leats as 360° wheels for an easy roll.  These bag is very stylish! its an amazing option to travel!

  • Tumi Carry On–  Tumi is always a classic choice, there are so many styles that you can choose but i personally love the soft type carry on! and i love monogramming  it , you can find it at Sold on Amazon, Nordstrom, bloomingdales, tumi stores or online at & Zappos.

away  carry on




Bottega  Veneta

Tumi Just in case bag




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