Luggage Trackers for Locating Lost Bags – a Must Have!

Luggage trackers can be really  helpful for travelers, especially to people who travel alot, This new technology is evolving and it allows you to track your luggage from your phone, these GPS trackers use satellite data for their location, while GSM trackers use the signal from mobile towers.


Now a days, many brands have their own luggage trackers, these are the ones that are more recommended by travel users.



This popular tracker uses GSM-GPRS technology and automatically turns on once your plane is stopped. You need to purchase a service plan to make it work.

You can buy it at:, $70



The Trakdot has both GSM and Bluetooth capability and it two-day battery life.

You can buy it at:, $45

Smart Unit Waldo

GSM tracker that self-activates when the plane lands at your destination. It connects automatically and it will also alert you if someone has opened your bag.

You can buy it at:, $63

Tumi Global Locator

A wireless and entirely compact device, TUMI Global Locator uses GPS, GSM, WIFI and Bluetooth technology to provide location positioning information via mobile interface to users.

You can buy it at: $ $200. It comes with one year of free tracking service.